“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

Allen Saunders

Land/Property Acquisitions & Planning

The keen and well trained eye of the Bellview Acquisitions department search and identify new and exciting opportunities in land or existing properties.

Bellview have the ability to see potential wherever the opportunity of development land may be situated. Without fail, where the vision has been seen, it has been brought into reality, every single time.

Our ability to deliver such lofty goals comes down to the dedication, foresight and genuine love and care our team have for the projects we undertake.

Our developers have a tenacity and a hunger for success that is rarely, if ever seen. Unlike public quoted companies, being independent allows us to remain flexible, innovative and charismatic, making decisions quickly with maximum effect and no waste of time or money.

Bellview is highly experienced in working with landowners and local authorities to obtain the necessary planning consent for residential developments that abide by the current planning regulations. If you own property or land that you feel may have potential value, even if you do not yet have planning, please do not hesitate to contact us to talk through a possible development opportunity.